Hobben's UI

Last Updated 02/12/2004

This is my personal UI that I have made over the last few months. Some parts I blatently ripped off from other modders, then customized to my liking. However most of it I have written myself, to suit my needs.

To use this UI, navigate to your drive:/everquest/uifiles directory.
Make a new directory in this folder.
Unzip my UI files into the new directory. For this example I assume you named the directory Hobben.
Go in game and type "/loadskin Hobben 1"

Full sized image with more detail
Last Updated 02/12/2004
Melee Version
Caster Version
Caster Version is mostly the same as the melee UI, but with mana.

Optional Target box with Target of Target indicator built in

For Melee
For Casters

If you want the UI to look exactly like the screenshots you need to take the following steps.
Last modified 03/12/2004
1. Download and install the melee or caster UI.
2. Set your in game resolution to 1280x1024.
3. Download THIS file.
4. Unzip the three XML files into your custom directory.
5. Rename UI_name_server.ini to your name and server and copy it to your EQ directory.
For example mine is UI_Hobben_mithanie.ini.
If you are unsure, check your everquest directory for reference.
6. Load up EQ and load my UI.

A few notes.
- Will only line up correctly if using optional target box
- You will not be able to reposition chat or buff boxes. If you must make a change, i reccomend using /loadsk default 1, making the change, then reloading my UI.
- I use the top left box to hold things i do not want to see. Things like my misses, others misses etc.
- The top right box i use for various chat channels.
- If you have no use for these 2 boxes, simply right click on them and select close.

Version History

Added change button to big bank to get rid of UI error message
Cleaned up alignment on attack and consider indicators
Added some graphics for GoD

Updated Melee UI to include new melee stuff.

Changed UI to work with new features in todays patch
Had to remove the stat box so that I so that I could get the new features that are hard wired into the target window to work
Will readd a stat box soon

Fixed misc issues with 10/9 patch

Updated to work with Lost Dungeons Expansion
There may be a slight Graphics Glitch, that i will fix at a later date

Added Shared Plat to bank window

Added Shared Inventory to bank window.
Returned Spellboook Icon to Spell Window

Updated UI to fix errors with patch

Changed around Big Bank
Included my UI's INI file in the zip, if you wish to have your windows positioned the same as mine. Change the name of UI_Charname_XX.ini, to whatever your chars UI file is named. For Example mine is called UI_Hobben_42.ini, if you arent sure check your EQ directory for a reference. The INI file is designed to run in 1280x1024, once you have changed to the file appropriate name, just copy the file into your EQ folder and start the game.
Made some other Misc modifications

Fixed Misaligned LFG Button

Updated to be fully compatable with Legacy of Ykesha Add On.
You MUST delete EQUI_Animations.xml from your custom folder
My UI no longer uses it, but if it is still on the folder, the UI will no longer function with LoY.

Thanks to a graphics mod by RobynnMerrilin, I removed the need to use an animations file
Hopefully this will make it so that every patch doesnt break the UI
Combined the player and target window in the caster version
Included Resist and Stat window in the caster version
Included Hot Swap Box in the caster version

EQUI_Animations.xml Added Graphics Entry for Charm slot.
EQUI_Inventory.xml Added Charm Slot to Inventory
WindowPieces04.tga Fixed Compass
EQUI_HotBtnWnd.xml Removed Border from Hot Button Window
EQUI_GroupWindow.xml Reduced Size of Group Window
EQUI_PlayerWindow.xml (Caster Version) Fixed Self HP Percentage Alignment.

Any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me .