by Thott

A group of adventurers comes across a fire giant stronghold, deep in a dungeon: \n"; } else { print "\n"; } } say("Warrior", "so, how are we going to kill these things?"); say("Monk", "you tank it, and I'll punch it to death. Seems pretty straightforward to me."); say("Cleric", "looks like a lot of giants up there."); say("Bard", "I'll try lament"); say("Cleric", "that's a lull?"); say("Bard", "yep"); say("Bard", "ok, here goes"); say("Bard", "wtf"); say("Dwarf", "bard dead, drink!"); say("Ranger", "better him than me"); say("Bard", "well, lament doesn't work"); say("Cleric", "casting rez on a bard should cost half mana, since they're all half wits"); say("Bard", "haha, very funny.  Have any better ideas?"); say("Enchanter","I'll just mez any adds"); say("Bard", "there are a LOT of giants, you saw how fast I died"); say("Ranger", "you always die fast"); say("Dwarf", "I love bards"); say("Bard", "thanks to selo's, all you can do is try to love bards"); say("Dwarf", ":("); say("Enchanter","I'm a good enchanter, we'll be fine"); say("Bard", "ok, grabbing them, I can always use the death practice"); say("Cleric", "you need death practice like the warrior needs another hole in his head"); say("Warrior", ", what?"); say("Enchanter","they're immune to mez!?!"); say("Ranger", "I rooted one!"); say("Ranger", "damn it's summoning"); say("Bard", "ranger dead, haha! oof"); say("Monk", "you're all dead"); say("Dwarf", "drink!"); say("Enchanter","ok lull doesn't work, mez doesn't work, root isn't good enough, I think we need more people"); say("Monk", "let me try"); say("Enchanter","...try what? Yelling at them and hoping they give up?"); say("Bard", "He's going to enlighten them. Once they find The Way, they'll give up their personal possessions and go sit on a mountain."); say("Warrior", "in on personal possessions!"); say("Monk", "haha, very funny. I'm going to use feign death."); say("Ranger", "what, as a kind of example? We can't kill them because they don't know how to die?"); say("Monk", "no I read about it on the net, supposedly if you FD enough, they just kind of get split up, and you can fight them solo."); say("Warrior", 'is this going to get us banned? I remember that time you found that "special spot" where mobs didn\'t fight back...'); say("Monk", "no no, we won't get banned. Nobody has gotten banned, yet."); say("Warrior", "...yet?"); say("Monk", "I think it's ok. Nobody has said it isn't!"); say("Cleric", "I think I read the devs said something about it not being intended."); say("Monk", "well ok, Brad McQuaid said that, but lots of things aren't intended.  Unless it's declared an exploit, it's perfectly legal!"); say("Enchanter","well anything is better than just sitting here. Go get yourself killed, I could use the entertainment."); say("Dwarf", "and I'm thirsty"); say("You gain party experience!"); say("Enchanter","that is so wrong, kickboxer >> me"); say("Cleric", "at least we're not dead"); say("Dwarf", ":( so very thirsty"); say("Warrior", "in on personal possessions!"); say("Ranger", "well we're not banned, let's do it again!"); ?>

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