by Thott

Update: Jam Fest is bugged, and only works on the bard.  Thus a resist song will give the bard more resists, but not others in the group.  A DoT will not add damage unless it lands on a bard that has Jam Fest (in which case that bard will take more damage, regardless of whether or not the casting bard has Jam Fest, which is greatly appreciated on PvP servers).

If Jam Fest worked properly, the table below shows what effect it would have.

Jam Fest bonus by song and Jam Fest level
Song NameLevelJam Fest 1Jam Fest 2Jam Fest 3Total
Chant of Battle1  +1 spdat AC, +1 Str, +1 Dex+1 spdat AC, +1 Str, +1 Dex
Chords of Dissonance2  +1 Damage/tick+1 Damage/tick
Jaxan`s Jig o` Vigor3  +1 Stamina Regen+1 Stamina Regen
Lyssa`s Locating Lyric4    
Selo`s Accelerando5   Note: capped at level 50
Hymn of Restoration6  +1 HP/tick+1 HP/tick
Jonthan's Whistling Warsong7 +1 spdat AC, +1 Str+1 spdat AC, +1 Str+2 spdat AC, +2 Str
Kelin`s Lugubrious Lament8    
Elemental Rhythms9 +1 MR, +1 CR, +1 FR+1 MR, +1 CR, +1 FR, +1 spdat AC+2 MR, +2 CR, +2 FR, +1 spdat AC
Magical Monologue9    
Anthem de Arms10 +1 Str+1 Str+2 Str
Cinda`s Charismatic Carillon11+10 Faction+20 Faction+20 Faction+50 Faction
Note: faction boost seems to be capped at around 300
Brusco`s Boastful Bellow12 +1 Damage+1 Damage+2 Damage
Purifying Rhythms13 +1 MR, +1 PR, +1 DR+1 MR, +1 PR, +1 DR, +1 spdat AC+2 MR, +2 PR, +2 DR, +1 spdat AC
Lyssa`s Cataloging Libretto14    
Kelin`s Lucid Lullaby15    
Song of Sustenance15    
Tarew`s Aquatic Ayre16    
Guardian Rhythms17 +1 spdat AC, +1 MR+1 spdat AC, +1 MR+2 spdat AC, +2 MR
Denon`s Disruptive Discord18+1 spdat AC+2 spdat AC+1 Damage/tick, +2 spdat AC+1 Damage/tick, +5 spdat AC
Shauri`s Sonorous Clouding19    
Cassindra`s Chant of Clarity20    
Largo`s Melodic Binding20 +1 spdat AC debuff, +1% Slow+1 spdat AC debuff, +1% Slow+2 spdat AC debuff, +2% Slow
Melanie`s Mellifluous Motion21    
Alenia`s Disenchanting Melody22    
Selo`s Consonant Chain23+1% Snare+2% Snare, +1% Slow+2% Snare, +1% Slow+5% Snare, +2% Slow
Note: Snare strength is capped on NPC's
Lyssa`s Veracious Concord24    
Psalm of Warmth25+1 CR+2 CR+1 Damage Shield, +2 CR, +1 spdat AC+1 Damage Shield, +5 CR, +1 spdat AC
Angstlich`s Appalling Screech26    
Solon's Song of the Sirens27  +1 MR debuff+1 MR debuff
Crission`s Pixie Strike28  +1 MR debuff+1 MR debuff
Psalm of Vitality29+1 DR+2 DR+2 DR, +1 Remove Disease Counters (broken), +1 spdat AC+5 DR, +1 Remove Disease Counters (broken), +1 spdat AC
Fufil`s Curtailing Chant30  +1 MR debuff+1 MR debuff, probably also adds +1 Damage/tick
Agilmente`s Aria of Eagles31    
Cassindra`s Chorus of Clarity32    
Psalm of Cooling33+1 FR+2 FR+1 Damage Shield, +2 FR, +1 spdat AC+1 Damage Shield, +5 FR, +1 spdat AC
Cantata of Soothing34    
Lyssa`s Solidarity of Vision34    
Denon`s Dissension35 +1 Mana+1 Mana+2 Mana
Vilia`s Verses of Celerity36 +1 Agi, +1 spdat AC+1 Agi, +1 spdat AC+2 Agi, +2 spdat AC
Psalm of Purity37  +1 Remove Poison Counters (broken), +1 spdat AC+1 Remove Poison Counters (broken), +1 spdat AC
Tuyen`s Chant of Flame38 +1 Damage/tick+1 Damage/tick, +1 FR+2 Damage/tick, +1 FR
Solon's Bewitching Bravura39  +1 MR debuff+1 MR debuff
Katta's Song of Sword Dancing39    
Syvelian`s Anti-Magic Aria40    
Psalm of Mystic Shielding41+1 MR+2 MR+2 MR, +1 spdat AC+5 MR, +1 spdat AC
McVaxius` Berserker Crescendo42 +1 spdat AC+1% Haste, +1 spdat AC+1% Haste, +2 spdat AC
Denon`s Desperate Dirge43+2 Damage+4 Damage+4 Damage+10 Damage (broken: gives no increase)
Cassindra`s Elegy44  +1 Int, +1 Wis+1 Int, +1 Wis
Jonthan's Provocation45  +1 Str, +1 Attack (ATK)+1 Str, +1 Attack (ATK)
Tuyen`s Chant of Frost46 +1 Damage/tick+1 Damage/tick, +1 CR+2 Damage/tick, +1 CR
Niv`s Melody of Preservation47  +1 HP/tick+1 HP/tick
Selo`s Chords of Cessation48 +1 Damage/tick+1 Damage/tick, +1% Slow+2 Damage/tick, +1% Slow
Shield of Songs49    
Melody of Ervaj50    
Verses of Victory50    
Largo`s Absonant Binding51+1 spdat AC debuff, +1% Snare+2 spdat AC debuff, +1% Slow, +2% Snare, +1 Agi+2 spdat AC debuff, +1% Slow, +2% Snare, +1 Agi+5 spdat AC debuff, +2% Slow, +5% Snare, +2 Agi
Note: Snare strength is capped on NPC's
Selo`s Song of Travel51   Note: capped at level 50
Nillipus` March of the Wee52    
Battlecry of the Vah Shir52    
Song of Dawn53 +1 Lower Hate+1 Lower Hate+2 Lower Hate
Song of Twilight53  +1 MR debuff+1 MR debuff
Vilia`s Chorus of Celerity54    
Selo`s Assonant Strane54  +1% Snare, +1% Slow+1% Snare, +1% Slow
Note: Snare strength is capped on NPC's
Elemental Chorus54 +1 MR, +1 CR, +1 FR+1 MR, +1 CR, +1 FR+2 MR, +2 CR, +2 FR
Occlusion of Sound55    
Brusco`s Bombastic Bellow55    
Cantata of Replenishment55  +1 HP/tick, +1 Mana/tick+1 HP/tick, +1 Mana/tick
Song of Highsun56    
Song of Midnight56  +1 Damage/tick+1 Damage/tick
Purifying Chorus13 +1 MR, +1 PR, +1 DR+1 MR, +1 PR, +1 DR+2 MR, +2 PR, +2 DR
McVaxius` Rousing Rondo57  +1% Haste, +1 Attack (ATK)+1% Haste, +1 Attack (ATK)
Cassindra's Insipid Ditty57  +1 Mana, +1 Int, +1 Wis+1 Mana, +1 Int, +1 Wis
Niv`s Harmonic58    
Jonthan's Inspiration58+1% Haste+2% Haste+2% Haste, +1 Str, +1 Attack (ATK)+5% Haste, +1 Str, +1 Attack (ATK)
Chorus of Replenishment58  +1 HP/tick, +1 Mana/tick+1 HP/tick, +1 Mana/tick
Denon`s Bereavement59    
Solon's Charismatic Concord59    
Composition of Ervaj60    
Angstlich's Assonance60 +1% Slow+1% Slow+2% Slow
Kazumi's Note of Preservation60    
Warsong of the Vah Shir60