by Thott

NOTE: None of the below graphs account for specialization.

All of these graphs were done before Luclin.  Thus they don't include FT beyond FT1, and they don't include focus items.

Wizard damage/second compared to rogue damage/sec, by number of seconds into the fight:

Well equipped (uber) wizard damage vs. poorly equipped (gimp) wizard damage.  The X axis is seconds since the start of the fight, the Y axis is percent damage increase the uber wizard has over the gimp:

The above wizards have standard raid buffs, i.e. C2, etc., but don't have a bard.

This graph shows wizard damage with a bard, either singing cantana alone, or singing cantana and twisting in two pulses of chorus of clarity:

This graph shows bard usefulness in the above situation, as a percentage of wizard damage the bard is doing. Note that the damage shown is multiplied by the number of wizards in the group, which at max will be 4 (6 person group, -1 for cleric, -1 for bard).  Note also that the X axis is in MINUTES of fight duration.  Useful values are generally those before the 3 minute mark: